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Speed ​​up iPhone 3G with the ClockWind program

febrero 5, 2020


ClockWind a Cydia tweak that speeds up iPhone 3G

Unfortunately, with the release of the latest updates from Apple, the old one iPhone 3G become rather slow in carrying out all operations.

It can still be used without problems, but, in the long run, it could be frustrating to use a device that slows down even when opening the system settings.

Here, then, comes a very interesting Cydia twak, called ClockWind, which allows you to speed up iPhone 3G, at least in part.

ClockWind a new tweak present in Cydia that peremtte of speed up old iOS devicesincluding new ones.

But what exactly does it do?

This practical tweak speeds up the iPhone's UIKit, increasing its overall system speed. LockWind therefore allows you to speed up the user interface, making iPhone faster and faster in general.

ClockWind compatible with iOS 3.0 and iOS 5.1.1, compatibility with iOS6 coming soon.

This tweak is compatible with all devices starting from the iPhone 2G up to the iPhone 4S, including the iPad, but obviously it is more useful on the old devices, while on the new ones you probably won't even notice its presence.

I also point out that it is possible to increase or decrease the speed of the tweak and therefore its intensity through the settings panel, which is located directly in the iOS Settings.

To use ClockWind and speed up the iPhone, therefore, just install the tweak.

If you are interested and want to try to speed up your iPhone 3G, find itClockWindin Cydia Store for free through the repo ofBigBoss.

If you try it, let us know how you feel and if you notice improvements.

Following a video showing the tweak in action.

[Youtube] [/ youtube]

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