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Jobs: "Never dealt with China Mobile"

Jobs: "Never dealt with China Mobile" logomacitynet1200wide 1

There has been no real negotiation with China Mobile and therefore we cannot speak of an end to the negotiations. To liquidate in this way the rumors spread a couple of days ago about an alleged conclusion of the speech to bring iPhone to the largest country in the world was Steve Jobs, during an interview released to Cnbc.

Asked by the journalist Jim Goldman, Jobs was very determined: 'I don't understand where these rumors come from. We only had one visit from a China Mobile manager. There was no negotiation. It is a pure invention. " Apple obviously remains interested in bringing iPhone to China, but the story, therefore, still to be written, since the negotiation that has not yet been entered into.

Jobs' claims are in line with what Apple initially said. At the time of the presentation of the iPhone there had been talk of a debut on the Asian markets by 2008, but the countries to which we referred were Japan and Korea, smaller than the Chinese market, but less difficult both from the point of view of the negotiations that from a logistical point of view, as well as richer and where there is a very advanced infrastructure.

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