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IPhone development program, (almost) all failed

febrero 5, 2020

A large number of developers who have applied to access the iPhone development program are receiving an email in these hours informing them that they have not been accepted by Apple. The office responsible for examining requests internally to the Apple company sent the communication.

There are two messages, one addressed to American developers who are simply told that their application has not yet been accepted, and one sent to developers residing outside the United States. This last particular category is confirmed when known, against the fact that for now the initiative is not open to those who do not have an activity within the borders of the United States. Everyone is informed that after Apple, once this first phase is over, it will again examine all the requests to verify eligibility.

Since applications from all types of developers seem to have been rejected, from online to Premiere, it is very probable that the criterion of choice is based on the most restrictive model possible: all excluded, except the … invited directly by Apple. If this were the case, it would not be too surprising; who is in fact accepted to get their hands on the code of the iPhone 2.0 beta, or the next version of the software for the iPhone inside which several secrets could be hidden and it is probable that the last thing that Apple wants to spread to the four corners of the globe a lot of code delicate. On the other hand, the developers would also be given a digital certificate, together with version 2.0 of the signing, indispensable for testing the software directly on the phone and this could also be an excellent reason to avoid a widespread diffusion of the program. The software could therefore have strategic software houses, as close to Apple, those that Cupertino could count on for the grand-style launch of the App Store which should arrive by the end of June.

All other developers will have to content themselves with carrying out their tests on the iPhone emulator, this is available to everyone. To have it, simply request and download (for free) the SDK, the series of tools used to create programs for iPhone.

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