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Instagram, over $ 20 billion in advertising revenue in 2019

febrero 5, 2020

Instagram is confirmed as a component of the puzzle of great importance for Facebook, it is today's news that the popular social network has generated about $ 20 billion in advertising revenue in 2019. There is talk of about a quarter of the total revenue recorded by the Facebook group, an aspect that places Instagram among the most important services in terms of revenues.

It is good to specify that for advertising revenue we speak of the revenues generated by the ads displayed in the Stories, within the feed and in the Explore tab. Instagram therefore generated higher revenues than Youtube, which by Google's own admission raised approximately $ 15 billion in the same year, going to cover about 10% of the total revenue of the Mountain View giant.

Revenue management varies widely between different services, Instagram for example, unlike Youtube it does not share its revenue with content creators, but certain IGTV contents are compensated by the company, the methods have never been clarified in depth. But Instagram is already preparing to confront an increasingly fierce enemy, we all know it is called TikTok and it is recent news that the two social networks could soon become increasingly similar, even at the interface level.

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