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HomeKit and AirPlay on Sony TV series 2018-2019 in Italy

febrero 5, 2020

Last December Sony added HomeKit and AirPlay on some of its televisions in the catalog: for a few days the same update has been extended to the models of the 2018 and 2019 series, thus expanding the number of televisions compatible with Apple technologies.

This news, we remind you, was announced at CES 2019 and reaffirmed at IFA 2019 but only a few months ago the procedure for bringing the features to some TVs in our country was started.

How to update the TV

To carry out the update, press the Help button on the remote control and select Updating the system software. The software will be released progressively and a certain date will not be established for a specific model: if you have pre-selected the automatic update you will be notified when it is ready to be installed.

The way Sony recommends to receive this update is to verify that the option Automatic download of the software of the TV in use is set to S. The TV should therefore receive the update automatically in the coming weeks. Alternatively, you can download the firmware from the European support site and update the TV via a USB flash memory device.

The new Sony TVs compatible HomeKit and AirPlay

According to what is reported on the support page, the new compatible televisions are the Sony Android TV from 2018 AF9 and ZF9 series, or:

  • KD-65AF9
  • KD-55AF9
  • KD-75ZF9
  • KD-65ZF9

He Sony Android TV from the 2019 AG9, ZG9, XG85 / XG87 and XG95 series, therefore:

  • KD-75XG9505
  • KD-65XG9505
  • KD-55XG9505
  • KD-75XG8505
  • KD-65XG8505
  • KD-65XG8577
  • KD-55XG8577
  • KD-55XG8505
  • KD-98ZG9
  • KD-85XG9505
  • KD-85ZG9
  • KD-55AG9
  • KD-65AG9
  • KD-77AG9
  • KD-85XG8596
  • KD-55XG8588
  • KD-55XG8599
  • KD-55XG8596
  • KD-65XG8588
  • KD-65XG8599
  • KD-65XG8596
  • KD-75XG8588
  • KD-75XG8599
  • KD-75XG8596
  • KD-75XG8796
  • KD-65XG8796
  • KD-55XG8796

Round two: HomeKit and AirPlay in Italy on the Sony TV series 2018-2019

The benefits of the new update

In the update instructions Sony lists the possibilities of Aiplay 2 such as multi-instance audio streaming and video streaming from Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Recall that the operation under HomeKit should be the same as already active in LG TVs (see our guide) with the possibility of turning the TV on and off as well as selecting the AV input. Integration will also come with the update Dolby Atmos through the internal speakers with the possibility of activating a dedicated and automated Sound mode.

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