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Google Stadia: how to solve lag and quality problems …

febrero 5, 2020

Google Stadia It was the first cloud gaming solution to hit the mass market, but it wasn't exactly a flawless launch. The first reviews of users who tried Google Stadia spoke in unison of input latency, disconnections, excessive use of data and other disastrous problems for the gaming experience, even on excellent connections.

Google Stadia troubleshooting guide

However, many of these problems can be solved with a few simple steps. If you also find it lag problems with Google Stadia, here's how to fix connection and streaming quality issues:

How to fix Google Stadia lag and input lag

Google Stadia

The input lag is a delay between the moment of pressing a button on the controller and the execution of this within the game. To improve your experience, you need to reduce this flaw. Here's how you can do it.

Use a wired connection

Using a wired connection, you instantly increase speed and improve your Google Stadia experience. Connect an ethernet cable to the PC or device you are using and you should notice an improvement on latency, both visual and command input.

Activate game mode on TV

During playback, Chromecast Ultra may experience some delay. The problem may be caused by the TV settings. The most recent models have a specific setting for gaming called game mode. This offers very low latency times. This affects the post-processing of the images on the TV, but it is absolutely worth activating this mode to improve the experience with Google Stadia.

Enable game settings on the router

This mode is not present on all routers but the most recent models have it, especially those that support fiber optic connections. Google WiFi and Nest WiFi have a simple switch to activate game streaming mode. To activate the switch just go to the Google Home app> WiFi> Settings and activate here Game Preferred.

Activating this option could compromise the connection stability of other connected devices during streaming.

Reduce the lag on WiFi connections

If you use a wired connection, don't follow these tips, but if you use a wireless connection, try to approach the router and try to stay in the same room as the router. Walls and obstacles may decrease the signal quality.

Take advantage of the 5GHz band

The most recent routers have the 2.4GHz and 5Ghz band. Using the 5 GHz band will improve your gaming experience. If possible, make sure traffic on ports 44700 – 44899 (TCP and UDP) is not blocked by your router, VPN or firewall. Stadia uses them to stream games, although those ports may change in the future.

Do not use mouse and keyboard

Google Stadia controller

To reduce input lag, the only solution is not to use a mouse and keyboard, but only a game controller. The controller does not need to be that of Google Stadia, a compatible controller is also sufficient.

Reduce the number of connections

If you live at home with other people and each of them connected to the router, try disconnecting all connected devices and leaving the bandwidth free only for Google Stadia. Also, do not download or upload during the game session.

Use incognito browsing

For PC users, Stadia only available on Google Chrome. Extensions, even the most harmless ones, can take up a lot of bandwidth, such as ad-blockers and the like.

Adjust the settings in the Stadia app

If all else fails, the only solution to adopt is to reduce the quality of the streaming.

  • Open the Stadia app;
  • touch the lower right corner> Use and performance of data;
  • Activate the use of balanced or limited data and set the quality to 720p.

How to solve connection problems on Google Stadia

If you experience frequent disconnections, both of the game session and of the controller, you can try a wired connection, if you are using a WiFi connection, or you can free the bandwidth by disconnecting the other connected devices.

Restore factory settings and reconfigure the controller

To bring Stadia back to Factory Default Settings hold the Google Assistant and Capture buttons for six seconds. The controller vibrates indicating that it is ready for reboot and reconfiguration.

Google Stadia

If none of the solutions solve your lag problem with Google Stadia, contact Google support.

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