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Google Chrome will block even more annoying advertisements from this summer

febrero 5, 2020

Google the war against invasive advertisements continues and announces that its browser, Chrome, will block three other types starting from August 5, 2020. They will only concern i videos shorter than 8 minutes, and will be:

  1. Ads or ad groups longer than 31 seconds that appear before the video and cannot be skipped after 5 seconds
  2. Ads of any length that appear in the middle of the video
  3. Writings or other content that overlap the central 1/3 of the video or occupy more than 20% of the video area

Here are the respective example animations:

Google explains that these three types of ads were defined too intrusive by the latest search by Coalition for Better Ads, a consortium founded by Google itself with giants such as Facebook and the Washington Post (but independent) a few years ago, with the aim, ultimately, of finding the ideal balance between the needs of advertisers, the websites that use them to provide a free service and user experience quality.

Specifically, when it detects ads of this type, Chrome will basically activate its integrated ad blocker, not displaying any advertising on the entire site. It is not the first time that Chrome follows the indications of the CBA, on the contrary: the latest complaints were applied around six months ago.

Google points out that all the sites that include this type of advertising therefore have six months to adjust and remove potentially problematic content, under penalty of even a very significant reduction in revenue (Chrome has absolute dominance on the market, after all, and if it decides that all its users will no longer upload ads to some sites, the turnover of those sites will drop substantially to peak). Google points out that all of its products will, of course, also be checked to make sure they are compliant: YouTube included. The CBA makes no exceptions – and we would miss it.

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