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First Photos of iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and very first prototypes of the iPhone and iPad dating back …


First Photos of iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and very first prototypes of the iPhone and iPad dating back to 2002

As if the constant leaks of news concerning the new were not enough iPhone 5 that the first ones appear on the net Mockup, drawings made by users on the concepts of how the next could be iPhone 6 or another nomis. Here are the first realistic images of the new iPhone 5, along with some photos of the cases begin to make their appearance on the net.

iPhone 5

Give her enclosure images of the iPhone 5 you see below (the first 5 photos) you can see how the new format of the Display is a 16: 9 as can be seen from the elongated screen and you will notice the Dock hole that would suggest the new Micro connector.

Instead in the second block of 6 photos they portray theiPhone 5 in its realistic guise, with a mix of aluminum and glass with a design not too far from the iPhone 4s only with the Larger 4 ? display and 16: 9 Aspect Ratio. Also also in the last photos you notice the 19 pin connector smaller than the classic 30 pin connector. In addition, the 2 speakers should be joined providing a larger one also because of the space recovered from the smaller connector

Also available a video of the alone outer shell without internal components:

(Youtube) (/ youtube)

iPhone 6

Still has to come out on the 5th and the first iPhone 6 Mockups are starting to appear on the net, which should have an even larger screen, on the 4.3 or 4.5 inches, only 6 mm thick with a 12 MegaPixel capable camera to shoot movies in FullHD at 1080p, also the new Retina Display with ppi above 350 would make its debut to contrast the advance of Samsung with its Amoled HD.

Early iPad and iPhone Prototypes

Now that we have made a journey in the future to discover the upcoming iPhone 5 and the future iPhone 6 let's take a step back, precisely in the two-year period from 2002 to 2004, where Apple engineers churn out the prototypes of what will later become the future iPad and iPhone a few years later. Here during the process involving Samsung and Apple, the very first prototypes of the objects were shown that will become the dream of many people in the years to come. Let's say that the Design does not differ much from the first iPhones and from the first iPad put on the market even if you can notice a much thinner profile and some softer lines than the edges present in the first prototypes.

On The Verge website you can see the complete gallery of all the prototypes shown.

Now we show some pictures of the first prototypes of the iPhone and iPad (the tablet even if it says iPod).

First iPad prototypes:

This the very first prototype of the iPhone and as you can see very often but always remember an iPhone:

Well a nice mix between past and future, as we are used to in technology, every year we make great strides, we have phones, notebooks, TVs and more that are increasingly lighter, thinner and that consume very little energy to work. Apple has certainly been the forerunner in the Touch world of Smartphones and Tablets but now in my opinion the Gap with Android has been filled and we must change our strategy to attract more and more users especially now that the legendary Steve is not there.

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