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Facebook Pay: how the new digital payment service works

febrero 5, 2020

The Menlo Park company formally entered the digital payments industry by launching Facebook Pay In the USA. The platform will now allow you to make payments both on social media and on Messenger, also stating that the service will be extended to Instagram and WhatsApp in the future.

Facebook Pay: everything you need to know


Currently, the service initially available in the launch country, i.e. the United States, starting this week in both the Facebook and Messenger apps. The company has promised that it will expand to more countries, however, it will certainly take some time before the service is available outside of America.

What you can pay with Facebook Pay

Initially, Facebook Pay will allow users to pay fundraising, in-game purchases, event tickets, money transfer between contacts on Messenger ed shopping from certain commercial activities, available on the Marketplace of social.

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<p>What time is a purchase made for a<strong> subscription</strong> or to an app functionality, <strong>the service will immediately charge you</strong> by the payment system, gi <strong>from the beginning of each subscription period</strong>. To stop recurring payments, you will need to unsubscribe.</p>
<h3><span style=The payment methods supported

Facebook has stated that its payment service, supports all major credit or debit cards, as well as PayPal. In fact, payments are made in collaboration with the latter company and Stripe, another digital payment service.

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<p>Furthermore, as specified in the payment terms, the <strong>direct payment via SIM will also fall into the mode</strong> payment options available. The company claims that its service, based on existing financial infrastructure and partnerships, is <strong>separated from the Calibra portfolio</strong> related to the highly discussed <strong>Libra</strong>, the company's cryptocurrency.</p>
<p><strong>Furthermore, no commissions will be charged to users</strong>, relating to the sending and receiving of money through Messenger. If a payment is refused, however, third party fees may be charged for cancellation fees or insufficient funds.</p>
<h3><span style=Service restrictions

Facebook Pay requires the minimum age of 18 to send money to another contact. Furthermore, this methodology must not and cannot be used for professional commercial transactions or for simple purchases. The company specified that the payment service will be suspended, what time the user uses it for the above transactions.

How secure is Facebook Pay?

Despite past vicissitudes, in terms of security, Facebook wants to assure users that its new payments service is designed for securely store and encrypt financial data relating to the user, such as credit card numbers and bank accounts.

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<p>The company said it plans to use <strong>anti-fraud monitoring systems and detect unauthorized activities</strong>, providing notifications related to account activity. It will be possible to add authentication methods for the service, such as <strong>PIN, fingerprint or facial authentication</strong>, specifying that information relating to these systems, <strong>they will not be received or stored</strong>.</p>
<p>An option will also be available <strong>live chat</strong>, for those who have questions about the transactions made possible by the service. Finally, it will also be available to review your own <strong>payment history</strong> through all the apps that will support Facebook Pay. Users will always be able to view the transaction ID, the status and details of the payment method used for the transactions.</p>
<p>All that remains is then <strong>wait for its diffusion</strong> and see its potential directly in the app!</p>
<p>Thanks for subscribing! Please check your email for further instructions.</p>
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