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BBC iPlayer ready to land on iPhone and iPod touch?

febrero 5, 2020

iPlayer, the BBC TV streaming service, is still talking about itself. Following the promise of a Mac computer service, BBC has now announced that iPlayer will also be available for iPhone and iPod touch "within a few weeks".

Park of details, the British broadcaster did not provide any other details on the implementation of the service: it is unclear whether access to iPlayer will take place via the web, or if BBC will create a special application to be installed via SDK.

In the first case, of the two one o'clock: o BBC will use a streaming format different from Flash, such as the H.264 readable through the two Apple products; or it will be iPhone and iPod touch that will become compatible with the Adobe standard.

In the second case, however, the hypothesis that it is possible to install a new application similar to the current YouTube, which can be managed directly from the multitouch device as it is today.

Recall that the compatibility with Flash technology for iPhone and iPod always requested loudly by the community of developers and by the users themselves, especially given the large amount of websites created via Flash. In the past, rumors were circulating that most likely gave the arrival of Flash on iPhone and iPod touch at the expected release of the SDK.

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