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Apple TV, remove the trailers from the Home screen

febrero 5, 2020

By Giacomo Martiradonna Wednesday 5 February 2020

By default, Apple TV automatically starts trailers on the Home screen. We explain how to disable them.

The default Apple TV screen with tvOS 13 software shows the Apple TV app first, and all the others to follow; at the top, however, in the section that technically in Cupertino they call "Top Shelf", the various apps can show apreview of your content.

Which translates to a continuous loop of trailers and content to promote, and this can be an annoying thread and maybe even scare the kids (like if the latest episode of Servant or a horror film is proposed). The good news that you can eliminate these blessed trailers definitively, acting in two ways.

One method consists in deleting the Apple TV app from the first line with a consequent repositioning in the following ones: the secondary apps cannot present content in the "Top Shelf." Alternatively, if you have installed tvOS 13.3, you can customize the types of content shown by the Apple TV app. Just do this:

  • On Apple TV, open Settings
  • Select Apps> TV
  • Scroll the list to the "Home screen" settings
  • Click on the trackpad to scroll through the options: a click will switch to "What to Watch". Instead you choose "In Coda."

All done. And now, go ahead goodbye to trailers on the home screen.

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