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febrero 5, 2020

As you well know if you followed our LIVE Blog, in recent days it has been held the first HDCamp in history. Three days in which the whole HDblog team met at the gates of Milan to share ideas, goals, set goals for the future, and of course also work! Twenty-five people face to face for 72 hours, each with their own technological tinsel. Among the comments of our LIVE many users have asked us to show in a behind the scenes which notebooks are used daily by staff members. So here you are satisfied!


The eternal struggle between the two main categories of laptops is more alive than ever even within our editorial staff which, as you can see in our short tour, is divided fairly equally between the two types. There are those who prefer i notebook with Windows operating system and those who, on the contrary, prefer to work in the environment MacOS. In both cases, however, we have a good variety in terms of models and "age" of the products.

Among colleagues who use the bitten apple notebooks there is a very high percentage of MacBook Pro. I would say this is a fairly predictable choice since we often need to work with different instances of the browser open, each populated by many tabs, to which Photoshop and Premiere Pro sessions can be added, as well as word processing programs, instant messaging and whoever has more has more.

In detail we have a pair of 2015 MacBook Pro, one 13 and one 15-inch, two 2017 MacBook Pro, also in the two available sizes and a new MacBook Pro 16 recently purchased by our programmer in its most powerful configuration.'s expensive. There is also a 12 "MacBook which has not been available since last July but which our Roberto jealously preserves for its characteristics of extreme portability.

On the other hand we have a host of Windows laptops quite varied in terms of brands, dimensions and form factor. However, it is interesting to note that our choices are quite in contrast with the global market share with the exception of Asus. If we look at the market shares of the various manufacturers it is evident how products of companies like Microsoft and Huawei are not very widespread while within our editorial staff they make up a good portion of the machines in use.

Turning between the tables of the HDCamp we have found two Surface Pro, one of the third and one of the sixth generation, two Surface Laptops of the first and third generation and four Huawei MateBooks, two X Pro and two MateBook D. instead divide between gaming notebook, with Asus Rog Zephyrus, ultrabook, and older solutions but still all reliable.

These are the laptops that we use daily within the walls of HDblog. And you who notebook you use routinely inside and outside the office? Are you used to changing your laptop often or are you waiting for me to take the so-called last breath? Answer us in the comments and remember that if you want advice on what the most interesting solutions are right now you can always rely on our guides, which are continuously updated for you.


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