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The most extreme digital event in the world: on the Svalbard islands

febrero 4, 2020

Web Seeds an event on Artificial Intelligence that takes place in Longyearbyen, the northernmost inhabited city in the world, in the Svalbard Islands

In the northernmost inhabited city of the world, what has been defined there will take placethe most extreme digital event in the worldor, surely the weather conditions will be, given that it will take place on 26 and 27 June of this year in Longyearbyen, in the Svalbard islands. But what event is it? Company managers, digital marketing experts and data scientists, have met at Web Seeds, the first edition of the event dedicated to Artificial Intelligence for digital marketing, data Governance and digital sustainability.

Web Seeds the most extreme digital event in the world turns to the Svalbard islands, in particular to

Web Seeds, the most extreme digital event in the world turns to the Svalbard islands, in particular to Longyearbyen

The most extreme digital event in the world

Web Seeds aims to be an extreme experience in an extreme place. The goal is not only to help companies earn more or improve their digital performance, but also to make the world a better place, sharing ideas about the digital world as organization defines it.

CEO, CMO, CCO, Digital Director and Advisors, Analytics experts, Data Scientists and Sustainability Manager are invited to the first edition of Web Seeds, who will have the opportunity to exchange ideas by thinking outside the box and exploring the most advanced digital techniques, in an original and suggestive and certainly cold natural context. In June in Longyearbyen the temperature fluctuates between 2 and 5 degrees C, always better than in December when the temperature fluctuates between -16 and -9 C. The ticket to participate costs 359 euros but only includes: the entrance ticket, the lunch and coffe break, the rest: flight and overnight stay do it yourself, on the other hand an extreme event, didn't you want booked flights and hotels? Maybe a visit to the Arctic World Archive may escape us

What is Web Seeds at Svalbard

Web Seeds an extreme event in an extreme place that starts with a high aspiration. They will all meet at Svalbard not only to improve digital performance and turnover, but to make the world a better placeand says the organizer, in short here we aim high.

At Web Seeds, you will be inspired by digital frontier techniques: artificial intelligence, digital sustainability, data governance writes the organizer.

There will be three main themes: Artificial Intelligence for digital marketing, Data Governance and digital sustainability with important personalities from the world of innovation who will share their knowledge with the participants.

The speakers of Web Seeds

Andy Webb, Head of Voice + AI of BBC Theodore Moulos, Chief Executive Officer of GrowthRocksNopadon Wongpakdee, EIR of Citi VenturesPurna Virji, Senior Manager of Global Engagement of Microsoft Alex Bellini, explorer and communicator in the field of sustainabilityNicola Tagliafierro, Head of Sustainable Product Development by Enel XFilippo Trocca, Customer Intelligence Officer of DatrixHelga Kristin Audunsdottir, University of Bifrost.

On the portals and you can get all the information and buy tickets for the event.

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