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New home for Mac games to debut

febrero 4, 2020

New home for Mac games to debut – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Peter Tamte's new company will be called Destineer.Tamte, a very popular figure in the Mac world for the role he has played in some leading companies in the world of games, from MacSoft to Bungie, has only now revealed the details and strategic plans of the commercial reality that he had announced a year ago, at MacWorld in New York. Among many confirmations, such as the intention to work side by side with the Microsoft engineers for the conversion of some of the most popular titles of Redmond, also some surprises, such as the production of original titles. finalization of a new 3D engine that will be used for the creation of new and innovative games both for the Win world, for the world of consoles and for the Mac world. At the moment no other details are available in this regard but Tamte guarantees that it will be something revolutionary. Less unexpected, as mentioned, the confirmation on the porting of Microsoft games. The first titles to arrive for our platform will be Age of Empires II, Links, Flight Simulator; others will follow in the future because, according to Tamte, "Microsoft is interested in making its games available for MacOs." The first games, the result of the conversion from Win, will be available, under the "Bold" brand, before long; the dates will probably be announced in the context of the MacWorld Expo. Games based on the proprietary engine, marketed under the "Destineer's Studio" brand, will not arrive until next year.

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