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miCoach: Samsung and Adidas challenge Apple and Nike.

febrero 4, 2020

The never-ending battle between the Teutonic Adidas and the American Nike has been taking place for years on all fronts and now music is also involved: the German manufacturer has in fact decided to challenge what its historical competitor in the shoe and clothing sector sporty also on the front of the alliances and launches miCoach, the ideal rival of iPod + Nike.

miCoach not only for a player, like the iPod nano, but a multimedia mobile phone, capable of keeping track of our athletic performance, monitoring workouts in real time. Through the collection of data on sports activities, Samsung's technology and Adidas experience will allow all sportsmen to make the most of their physical abilities, also taking into account the heartbeat detected. As in the case of iPod + Nike, the miCoach will retrieve the data from a chip present in the shoes, to then be able to synchronize them later online, through the appropriate web interface.

As a mobile phone, the miCoach will also include a 2-Mpx camera, USB and wireless connection via Bluetooth, and a 2-inch display. It will be available in seven colors including pink, red, dark gray, sapphire and silver.

The main difference lies in the fact that the miCoach, as mentioned, not only a multimedia player, but also a phone. A user can stop training at any time to answer a call.

On the other hand the capacity of the miCoach will be much more limited: 1 GB of memory against the much more substantial 4 or 8 of the iPod nano.Different also the price of the Samsung / Adidas kit: the cost will be 400 euros (about 610 dollars ) for the deluxe kit, which will include the miCoach, heart rate monitor and pedometer sensor for shoes, and other accessories.

Almost double the $ 328 from Nike's gift pack, which features the Nike + iPod system with an 8GB iPod nano iPod Nano, a $ 100 gift certificate for a pair of Nike shoes, a 30-minute iTunes Gift card, and the Nike + Sports kit.

Another difference concerns the compatibility of the sensor: while the Nike sensor must be installed directly inside the shoe, the Adidas sensor will be compatible with any model of Adidas shoe (and not), as it will be fixed on the laces.

miCoach will be sold first in Germany and then in the rest of Europe by the end of the current month, in two different versions: the already treated deluxe kit of 400 euros, or the basic kit, which for 200 euros will only offer the mobile phone with a band by arm.

The miCoach website is also available in Italian.


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