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It is also a crisis for Handspring

febrero 4, 2020

It is also a crisis for Handspring – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Half of what is expected. These are the forecasts drawn up by Handspring and released yesterday by the company of Donna Dubinsky that put the state of crisis in black and white even for the main producer of clones PalmOs.The announcement of lower than expected profits, communicated to closed markets, he literally stunned investors and newspapers that if they felt that something was going wrong they certainly did not expect a "blow" of these proportions. Handspring just over a month ago had reiterated that his forecasts for the quarter in course were sales worth $ 121 million; according to CEO Donna Dubinsky, there were problems for the handheld market on the horizon but these would not have had a decisive impact on profits, not at least in this quarter. Predictions that obviously turned out to be wrong: at the root of Handspring's problems, a general slowdown in the pocket computer sector after the extraordinary Christmas season, but also the difficulties of Palm itself in fighting warehouse stocks that do not want to know how to go down of level. The cuts to Palm's list, implemented to liquidate inventories, have had repercussions on the entire sector, forcing competition to operate on price leverage. Handspring itself yesterday announced a $ 100 discount on VisorEdge for all those who brought an old PDA in exchange. The size of Handspring's problems, according to analysts, is far greater than what could have been assumed and suggests that small adjustment maneuvers will be enough to face the crisis. "If I were in Handspring – an analyst at Robert W. Baird told C / Net Reik Read – I would seriously consider throwing all the warehouse stocks into a waste compactor. The proportions of yesterday's announcement say a lot about the disasters that a warehouse with high stocks can produce. " According to Read what is happening today on the handheld market means that in a crisis situation like the current one there is no room for two companies fighting in the same arena "Maybe in the future there may also be room for two other companies – said Read – but today Palm and Handspring must fight face to face to survive "

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