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iPhone in Great Britain: target just missed

febrero 4, 2020

Despite the increase in visits to both O2 and Carphone Warehouse stores, the target was just missed. The estimate, which some analysts had also considered conservative, to sell 200 thousand appliances in the first two months, was in fact touched but the accounting of the appliances sold would have stopped at 190 thousand, writes the Financial Time.

The result appears in a more negative light if we consider that some analysts had gone out of balance, on the wave of enthusiasm for the European marketing of the iPhone, coming to predict sales of between 350 and 400 thousand pieces.

Great Britain markets the iPhone via O2 and the telephone company uses the independent retail chain Carphone Warehouse for retail in British territory. In addition to the Apple Stores, which sell the device already equipped with sim and which can be activated directly from iTunes by choosing the most suitable tariff plan among those provided.

To define "disappointing" iPhone sales in the United Kingdom is also the website with an economic and financial background, This is Money according to which British customers have snubbed the phone, in the context of a difficult season, at least for what it concerns the turnover.

In the overseas country, This is The Money explains, there would have been a surge in sales in the field of telephony, but only the low end of the market had the advantages; sales in terms of collection would have been lower. And iPhone, which stands at 269 pounds, an unusual price for the British market (accustomed to free phones or a few pounds), paid more than others. Also affected by the scent of an economic crisis that, at least in a creeping way, is already biting the economy: 'Who at this moment' says an anonymous 'insider' – willing to pay so much to put in his pocket, in addition, a equally expensive 18-month contract? '

The situation would be particularly difficult for iPhones far from big cities. 'Whoever took the pulse of the situation using London as a parameter – the financial site still says' would not have the exact picture of the situation'

Always according to This is Money (a newspaper that, well specify it, in the past has always distinguished itself for a certain critical attitude towards Apple and iPhone), Cupertino would have asked its partners that are 02 (the telephone operator) and Carphone Warehouse (a reseller of telephony products) not to disclose sales data in the United Kingdom because this is unsatisfactory.

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