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InCharge, FM charger-transmitter for iPod by XtremeMac

febrero 4, 2020

From XtremeMac the new InCharge FM will soon be on sale, a car accessory compatible with all iPods from the fourth generation onwards with dock connector, iPod touch included.

The gadget is nothing more than an FM transmitter equipped with PureFM transmission technology; once connected to the cigar lighter socket, just connect your iPod to the other end. Once the radio is tuned to the receiving station, the InCharge will transmit the music of the iPod directly "on-air". As indicated by the name, the second function of the gadget is to always keep the Apple player in charge.

Other features concern the LED display for viewing information, the presence of some keys that allow you to play, pause or advance between the music tracks contained on the player, and the possibility of transmitting in stereo or mono audio.

The InCharge can be pre-ordered directly from the official website, at a price of 69.95 USD. XtremeMac accessories are distributed in Italy by Attiva.


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