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iBook beats Titanium (in FireWire)

iBook beats Titanium (in FireWire) logomacitynet1200wide 1

We wrote about the comparison between Titanium and iBook written a few days ago. Then, on the basis of some Bare Feats tests, we said that there was no comparison between one machine and the other if the price / performance ratio was the comparison. The small laptop that can easily keep up with at least the 400 MHz version of the PB that costs almost double.Now Bare Feat insinuates a new worm of doubt to those who are undecided for one or the other by comparing the speed of the FireWire of the two laptops with a surprising result and still in favor of the cheapest Apple laptop. The transfer speed is almost on par with the more expensive G4s and inexpensive desktop models such as the iMacs are online. On the other hand, the iBook leaves Titanium in the dust both for reading and for writing from an external FireWire disk. The reasons for a similar difference in performance, says BareFeat, are to be found in a new controller adopted by the low-end laptop and which is not present on the PowerBook but that will probably make its appearance on a renewed version of the Titanium, perhaps before the end of summer.

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