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IBM: 35% more powerful PPC processors

febrero 4, 2020

IBM: 35% more powerful PPC processors – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

PPC processors will become 35% more powerful thanks to a new insulation technology announced yesterday by IBM.The announcement arrived yesterday by Big Blue which confirms itself as one of the companies most seriously engaged in the effort to increase performance and performance processors while reducing consumption in a time. "Strained Silicon", this is the name of the technological innovation that Big Blue is preparing to introduce, mixes a new silicon product used in the processors by distancing the atoms which determines a better electrical flow and less energy loss. To benefit from this new system, the server processors produced by IBM since 2003 will be the first. When the strained silicon is used, the speed of the chips will be between 4 and 5 GHz. even to consumer-grade processors. Although in the first statements that made the announcement, the vice president of IBM Bijan Davari mentioned only the handheld chips (which could reach up to a GHz) almost certain that the PPC processors used in the Mac will also benefit from strained silicon. The advantages they will obtain will be in two directions: lower consumption but also greater power. 30% more power, according to Davari, translates into consumption that is two or three times higher.We remind that IBM should exceed the power of GHz with its Power4 by the end of the year and that always by the end of According to rumors, PPC processors useful for low-end Macs around 800 MHz should also reach the market. In these new processors, consumption reduction technologies should be used, including Silicon On Insulator and Low-k dielectric.

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