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iAntivirus: the best antivirus for Mac developed by Symantec! Also scan your profile …

febrero 4, 2020


Do you want an antivirus specially developed for your Mac? Do you want to keep iphoto, itunes, your documents and your Facebook profile safe?

We have heard a lot of antivirus software, especially from symantec with the classic Norton, but for Mac there are very few. It will be the high reliability of the system, the best systems in terms of security that Apple takes well into account, however there are very few antiviruses for Mac with a capital "A".

Let us also remember that choosing a Mac application is also synonymous with searching among the most graphically cured in order to adapt to the excellent well-animated graphical interface with which OSX is equipped!

iAntivirus the Antivirus for Mac! Efficient, functional and graphically cared for! Then that a guarantee in terms of security and reliability is developed by Symantec because the company has several years of experience in the field of antivirus!

iAntivirus able to protect our libraries, then iPhoto and iTunes, control our documents that enter the Mac and the only one who controls our Facebook profile to avoid being redirected to pages that offer us a nice attempt to phishing!

If we have a suspicious document and / or file, just insert it in the application icon by drag & drop and it will be scanned quickly and easily.

iAntivirus been perfectly tuned to work transparently without your machine showing any sign of slowing down!

The application available on the Mac App Store for free here is the download link

(you will be redirected to itunes in order to launch the Mac App Store application)

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