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GPS for iPhone: another step forward?

febrero 4, 2020

GPS for iPhone: another step forward? – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

In conversations with the many "I would like to but still wait" users of the iPhone, the most touched topic is the lack of a GPS module that would make the phone a very complete and useful portable device for those who travel a lot or at least would agree with what with the fall in prices and the end-of-year offers seem to have become a primary (at least induced) need for technological users.

After the rumors / speculations on a coming arrival of TomTom on the iPhone here is a first "proof of concept" of connecting the iPhone to a GPS receiver of the Sirf Star III type with the related YouTube video that wants to confirm its operation.

The author has adapted a receiver to a dock connector and has created a simple application that transmits longitude and latitude to the Google Maps application already present on the phone and in response obtains its placement on the map provided by the download via intenrnet (wi-fi or edge) A prototype (a mockup with 3D CAD) of the possible final appearance of the product is also presented and it is reported that the management software will be based on opensource options.

Beyond the doubts about the real usefulness of such a software (requiring a jailbreaking) that without an internal database would force you to resort to a continuous and expensive web access or to exploit in some intelligent way the Google Maps cache what seems interesting the ease with which it is easy to connect (and it could not be otherwise) a GPS module commonly on the market to the iPhone and manage its incoming data.

For a more practical and truly useful solution for travelers, it will be necessary to wait at least until January-February when, after the publication of an official development kit, it may be possible, both by using a cartography residing on the phone, and by using a Bluetooth GPS module. (the current iPhone profiles do not provide this connection) have a real navigation system that does not occupy the dock port.The sy dock solution may instead be interested for iPod touch that does not have Bluetooth connectivity.

To find out more, visit this page.

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