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Firmware 1.1.3 brings back "bricked" iPhones to life

By chance are you among the unfortunate poor who, unaware of the risks, have regularly updated their iPhone 1.0.2 unlocked to firmware 1.1.1, making it a seductive brick of satin metal? If you have one of the notorious "iBrick" in your hands and not there has been a way to restore its functionality, now there may be a solution: firmware 1.1.3.

Some testimonials on the network would report miraculous effects of the new firmware update for the Apple mobile phone. More than one user would have connected his iBrick to iTunes and updated to the latest firmware. Surprisingly, the iPhone came out of "bricking" and has regained all its functionality.

Evaluating these effects, it could be assumed that the new firmware will rewrite not only the firmware of the Apple mobile phone, but also the baseband, which, altered by the unlocking programs, caused the mutation of the phone into "brick".

We did not know whether this solution was purposely studied by Apple to meet all the poor people who could no longer use their iPhone if not as a decorative object, or if it was simply a forced technical choice, to make the necessary changes to mobile phone software.

In any case, it is good news for all those who had lost their hopes and were resigning themselves to using their iBrick as a paperweight.