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CPU LED: How to monitor CPU usage on Mac!

febrero 4, 2020


Do you want to monitor the use of the CPU? Do you want to insert a monitor in the main bar to see how much CPU you are using?

Are we surfing the internet? Are we playing a video game? Or are we working with a specific application?

Whatever we do with our Mac it is often necessary to know how much cpu we are using, it could be a security to have "a handy monitor" on which to view how much cpu we use. For example, if we are only browsing the internet, then we have only started safaris and no other applications. If we see an excessive use of the cpu on the monitor and we only have a small application started, in fact there is something wrong …. either the Mac is doing a job in the background (eg indexing files) or there is some hidden application that is working in the background for better or for worse!

CPU LED An interesting graphically very accurate application, in perfect apple style, which places an icon with LEDs that indicate the amount of CPU that is being used. There are three low, medium and high levels and you have the ability to set up a monitor for each CPU you have available on your machine!

The application positioned in the main bar so as to always be visible and searchable! a very useful and unique application in its structure and setting!

The application available on the Mac App Store for free here is the download link:

(you will be redirected to itunes in order to launch the Mac App Store application)

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