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AT&T, the iPhone business rate plans arrive

febrero 4, 2020

After the proliferation of rumors, AT&T has finally made official the new iPhone business rates, called Enterprise Data Plan and addressed to business customers.

As indicated by the name, the tariff plan concerns exclusively the data package and concerns SMS, navigation / e-mail, and visual voice mail. Andr will then join one of the voice tariff plans available for iPhone.

Three solutions are available: from 45 Dollars per month, with 200 SMS, visual voice mail and unlimited web / e-mail; from 55 dollars, with the SMS that go up to 1500; finally from 65 dollars, with the SMS that become unlimited.

For a short period AT&T will also offer a discount to some business customers. called Qualified Corporate Responsibility Users, who will enjoy a discount of $ 25 on the three rates indicated.

Besides the economic details, the most interesting aspect is the fact that Apple and AT&T are betting on the business potential of the mobile phone, which has always been considered unwilling to guarantee the productivity required by the "business men".

The arrival of the SDK or the latest rumors about an upcoming version of IBM's Lotus Notes will probably push the iPhone towards a more business than consumer direction, thus reaching a market segment capable of significantly increasing sales of the device.

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