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Art Text 2 Lite: how to create artistic logos and icons on Mac!

febrero 4, 2020


Do you want to create logos and icons for an application? Are you a graphic designer and do you have to create buttons and various graphic elements in a web environment?

When it comes to apple, excellent graphics, splendid animations, well-kept graphic interfaces and unique design of its products are also indented.

So to make graphics you must have a skilled and developed creativity but you also need excellent tools to facilitate the development of a graphic object. The most renowned tool in the field of photoshop graphics, but demanding and you won't learn it overnight! Mostly beginners want an excellent tool that simplifies the work, performs the most difficult part and guides the user towards the success of his project!

Art Text 2 an excellent vector graphics application that allows users of the bitten apple to develop beautiful graphic objects such as a company logo quickly and easily! suitable for the less experienced as it requires much less learning time, it has many less functions than photoshop, enclosing only the functions for graphics but it ensures you flawless results!

Art Text 2 allows you to create countless objects such as captivating items for brochures and promotional flyers, unique titles for Keynote presentations, icon for an iPhone / iPad application, logo for a new company, the graphic for a customer's website!

Practically it offers you all the functions that a free and graphic application needs. There is also a paid version that includes Templar already ready for use!

The application available on the Mac App Store for free here is the download link

(you will be redirected to itunes in order to launch the Mac App Store application)

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