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Apple replaces AirPods Pro rubbers for free to those with Apple Care +

febrero 4, 2020

If you purchased the Apple Care + subscription in parallel with the purchase of the AirPods Pro, you can get the replacement in-ear grommets sent without paying a euro. This, at least according to what MacRumors readers report, what happens to US customers who bought the AirPods Pro together with Apple's warranty extension.

The contractual conditions of Apple Care + are the same also in our country therefore, although we are not sure why none of the components of our editorial staff has purchased the warranty extension for their AirPods Pro and cannot therefore verify it directly, very likely that it could request free replacement rubbers also in our latitudes.

To do this simply access the support page of the Apple website, select AirPods, then click on the option Replace an AirPod or a headset cover and select the item Replace the AirPods Pro headset covers. At that point you can choose the type of assistance required by opting for solution Order replacement products: Order AirPods and replacement accessories.

Apple replaces AirPods Pro rubbers for free to those with Apple Care +

As we said, the replacement is completely free for all customers – certainly Americans, for the Italians we have not yet confirmed – who have purchased the AppleCare + warranty extension (29 euros) for the AirPods Pro, while for all the others the replacement of the rubbers will have a cost of 3.95 euros. For the former, we also add that it is not currently clear whether it is possible to request the free replacement of the grommets even more than once during the Apple Care + coverage period, in which size Apple sends the replacement grommets, but it seems that it is only sent a pair.

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