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15 Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Accessories Worth buying

febrero 4, 2020

No matter how big your smartphone's screen is or how powerful its processor can be when you have something heavy to do, there are other factors that increase your device's intelligence in the end, especially when you use the device for daytime purposes. newspapers. Choosing the best accessories is one of these factors, especially if you have a flagship smartphone in your hand. The case is the same as the one we also consider for Samsung Galaxy Note 5. This device, combined with high-end specifications, including the Octa-core SoC, 4 GB of RAM, 16 MP of Rear Camera with all the extraordinary features, LTE Connectivity and much more, truly a flagship smartphone from that Korean smartphone maker. Of course, the 5.7-incher features all the business-oriented features that were the most attractive element of the Note series of Samsung phablet devices. So, we were saying, you need some of the best accessories to get the best out of your Samsung Galaxy Note 5! In this post, however, we have a list of the 15 best accessories you can buy for your Samsung Galaxy Note 5. We hope the list can help you in the long run.

15 best accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

1. Fast charging wireless charging pad for Note 5

An official Samsung accessory, the charging pad helps you make the most of wireless charging technology with the Galaxy Note 5. What should be noted here that apart from normal Qi-based wireless charging that is normal in flagship devices , the Fast Charge wireless charging pad comes with built-in support for Fast Charge, a technology that claims to offer 1.4x charging speed. In a simpler form, we can say that the fast charge wireless charging pad would be a good accessory when you need the fastest wireless charging possible for your Galaxy Note 5. In addition, the device equipped with a multicolored Halo LED that indicates the charging status. So when we consider all of these, the fast charge wireless charging pad is a good choice when you hate the wires: just pick up the phone and leave; this all.

  • Price: $ 69.99
  • Where to buy: Samsung Official Store

2. Verus Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Wallet Case

This protective case for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Case, by Verus, can provide satisfactory protection to your Samsung Galaxy Note 5. This Flip Cover-based accessory offers all-round protection for your device and you can make sure that all angles are given extra protection, thanks to the raised edges. It means that even when you have not used the leather upholstery, the screen will not be in direct contact with the surface, thus helping it to be safer. The best thing about Verus Wallet Case Samsung Galaxy Note 5 which, as the name says, the protective case also a comfortable wallet, where you can store up to three cards and money. Speaking of quality, the entire protective case made of high quality PU leather, which you can trust.

  • Price: $ 19.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

3. SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick for your note 5

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick is not a Galaxy Note 5-only accessory; on the other hand, an accessory that becomes useful when you have more data to store and want it to be accessible almost anywhere. As in the case of the Galaxy Note 5, the onboard storage space cannot be extended using a Micro-SD card. In these situations, however, you will find SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick very useful. Once you've charged this gadget, you can leave it nearby and access all the data you've stored. By installing the official Wireless Stick application from SanDisk in note 5, you would have access to the files, simply via Wi-Fi. The best thing you don't need an internet connection to do it. It should be noted that transferring files to multiple devices is even easier using the wireless stick. In short, a superb accessory for your Note 5.

  • Price: $ 81.57
  • Where to buy: Amazon

4. iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Qi Charing Mount

iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Qi Charing Mount an extraordinary accessory for your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 when you want to keep your device in a safer place in your car, when charging! This iOttie car holder comes with Qi Standard charging functionality, which means you can simply hold your device on the holder and it will be charged wirelessly. It should be noted that the wireless charging function of the car holder also works well when using any other Qi smartphone supported in the industry. And it supports devices with a width between 2, 3 and 3, 3 inches. In addition, it comes with a telescopic arm, which would be useful when you need the best viewing angle. And, for the price you pay, iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Qi Charing Mount is a real bargain.

  • Price: $ 54.95
  • Where to buy: Amazon

5. Samsung Level Box Mini for Note 5

This Samsung wireless speaker would really be an accessory to buy for your Note 5, especially if you are a passionate music lover. Regardless of the convenient design, which allows you to keep the device in your bag or pocket, it has a really impressive, clear and clean sound. To make this possible, Samsung has implemented A2DP wireless streaming technology and there is Samsung SoundAlive equalization. Another feature of Samsung Level Box Mini is a dedicated app – Samsung Level App – which allows you to control the advanced aspects of the wireless speaker such as its equalizer and everything else. Samsung Level Box Mini can be configured via Bluetooth or NFC Pairing and offers 25-hour playback on a single charge. Overall, this accessory would be a good companion for you, we bet.

  • Price: $ 99.99
  • Where to buy: Samsung Official Store

6. EasyAcc 2nd Gen 10000 mAh power bank

EasyAcc 2nd Gen 10000mAh Power Bank available at an affordable price and the power bank a good accessory for the Note 5, especially during your long journeys. Or, if you are a heavy smartphone user, you will find it useful. When we consider the construction of the power bank, all impressive. It used a high-quality lithium polymer battery that offers a relatively higher conversion rate and greater long-term safety. In addition, EasyAcc has implemented a nice feature with the power bank, which helps EasyAcc 2nd Gen 10000 mAh Power Bank to identify the target device and provide appropriate electrical current so as to obtain the best results and faster charging times. Despite all these features, smaller to carry around. By the way, you can charge two devices at a time, thanks to the double USB.

  • Price: $ 20.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

7. Spigen Crystal Full HD Galaxy Note 5 screen protector

Although Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is equipped with the protection of Corning Gorilla Glass 4, in some cases it may be necessary an additional type of protection. If you think so, you should take a look at the Spigen Crystal Full HD Galaxy Note 5 screen protector, which is too cheap. This transparent screen saver does not affect any aspect of screen visibility; n brings rainbow effect. And, since the exclusive accessory to grab your Note 5, it has all the cutouts to connect accessories and everything. In addition to all this, you can install and remove the Spigen Crystal Full HD Galaxy Note 5 screen protector without residues or bubbles of any kind. And users have a superb opinion about it.

  • Price: $ 7.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

8. The Alaska Life Selfie Stick & Monopod for camera

When you want to take superb selfies using the front camera of your Samsung Galaxy Note 5, this selfie stick and camera monopod by The Alaska Life is a travel accessory, we bet. The best thing we loved to have the accessory that you can use it not only with your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 but also with a wide range of other devices, such as iPhone, GoPro camera, DSLR and other camcorders. In addition, The Alaska Life offers simpler return options, so that if you don't feel comfortable with the selfie stick, you can simply return it and get your money back. In short, the Alaska Life Selfie Stick & Camera Monopod will never disappoint you. a risk-free adventure! note that the selfie does not have Bluetooth support and you should act accordingly.

  • Price: $ 36.95
  • Where to buy: Amazon

9. Aukey 24W dual USB car charger adapter

This Aukey accessory is an indispensable gadget not only for owners of Samsung Note 5 but also for all smartphone users who own a car. You can use this adapter to charge your smartphone when you travel and the product can offer first-rate transfer speeds and stability. It has a power of 24 W 4, 8 A and it will be possible to charge two devices simultaneously using the adapter, be it Android or iOS. Despite the charging capacity, the Aukey 24W Dual USB car charger adapter small enough to handle and the company made no compromises in terms of safety. And the list of supported devices is really huge, don't worry. After all, who doesn't want to charge the phone while driving?

  • Price: $ 12.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

10. Support for the 3-coil MoKo Qi charging stand

This conveniently designed charging pad allows you to charge the Galaxy Note 5 by placing it on the surface. MoKo Qi 3-Coil Charging Pad certified by Qi standards and will work perfectly with any device equipped with a Qi wireless receiver. Speaking of the pad, it has three coils in it and the charging area large enough to offer you the best outputs in the end. Another advantage is that you can place the device in an approximate position and charging would be optimal. In addition, to facilitate management, the support for the 3-coil MoKo Qi charging stand equipped with an LED light that indicates the charging status. And, the company has paid more attention to the construction, especially in the case of the charging area and we can see it from the non-slip silicone mat that included on the surface. Compared to other charging pads on the market, the MoKo Qi 3-Coil Pad Stand is damn convenient that you are forced to take it.

  • Price: $ 22.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

11. Samsung Gamepad for Note 5

Samsung Gamepad may not be a common accessory for your Note 5! However, definitely a fantastic accessory for those who are passionate when it comes to playing on their Android smartphones. And, you know, it becomes an incredible experience to play video games when the device has a bigger screen and better graphics options, exactly like the Note 5! In this case, you can opt for the Samsung Gamepad, which features a light and portable design and tight integration with the device, so that you can play exceptionally well. And, on a single charge, it offers you a playback time of 640 hours, which is impressive, we would say. Not only Samsung Galaxy Note 5, this accessory supports a wide range of Samsung devices and simplified pairing takes place via NFC and Bluetooth. If it is to be judged as a whole, Samsung Gamepad is an indispensable accessory for all Note 5 users.

  • Price: $ 79.99
  • Where to buy: Samsung official store

12. Samsung universal USB battery pack

With a storage capacity of 9000 mAh, the Samsung Up USB Battery Up Pack is more or less an essential accessory for your device. Despite having a relatively higher price, you can be pretty sure of the build and its power, given that Samsung Universal USB Battery Up Pack is an official Samsung accessory, made for Samsung devices. So, you can charge your Galaxy Note 5 at least twice using the power bank. It should be noted that despite the increased charge storage capacity, the Samsung Universal USB Battery Up Pack design is too comfortable and comes with charging cables. In addition, there is an LED battery status indicator, which is very useful. For those who use their devices a lot, here is the right thing for you.

  • Price: $ 69.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

13. Supcase Running Armband for Galaxy Note 5

Supcase Running Armband for Galaxy Note 5 a noteworthy accessory for your Galaxy Note 5 if you want to carry your smartphone safely when jogging or more. Let's say you're using your Note 5 to keep track of your fitness and other things but you don't like the device in your pocket. In this case, you can use Supcase Running Armband for Galaxy Note 5, which comes with a flexible velcro that fits almost any arm size. In addition, it should be noted that its insertion and removal process is too simple to complete in seconds. Also, since the armband made exclusively for the device, it has all the cutouts. By the way, you get a silicone-based protective case if you buy the armband. In short, more than reasonable, we believe.

  • Price: $ 15.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

14. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 S-View Flip Cover

When you're ready for the superior quality you're about to have, Samsung's Galaxy Note 5 S-View Flip Cover is an exceptional protective case that you can have for your device. What makes Samsung's Galaxy Note 5 S-View Flip Cover a little different from other protective covers is the S-View function. Once the device cover is closed, its S-View part shows critical information such as weather and weather conditions. In addition, you will have the option to accept or reject calls without having to open the cover completely. As you can see in the image above, the necessary information and buttons will be in the smaller version of the screen, which is useful. Official Samsung accessories are always known for superior quality and reliability; and so Galaxy Note 5 S-View Flip Cover. The flip cover available in a variety of colors, which you can select as you wish.

  • Price: $ 49.99
  • Where to buy: Samsung Official Store

15. Verus Damda Slide Galaxy Note 5 case

Last but not least, Verus Damda's Galaxy Note 5 Slide Case is a multi-purpose protective case for Galaxy Note 5. It can be conveniently used to store cards and some money, without adding bulk. In fact, it feels like you have an extra layer of protection on the back of the device. Needless to say, the aesthetics of the simply fantastic protective case that you would like the thinness and the utilitarian bulk. In addition, protection comes with two layers which are constructed using TPU and polycarbonate and both layers are treated accordingly to give you the best results when subjected to falls or falls. You can store up to two debit cards in the given space, which is useful. By the way, a scenario to say-goodbye-fat-wallets.

  • Price: $ 16.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

Do you think any other Samsung Galaxy Note 5 accessories deserve space on this list? So let us know.

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