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Wozniak: "Wrong iPhone without 3G"

Wozniak: "Wrong iPhone without 3G" logomacitynet1200wide 1

Steve Wozniak spoke at the Broadband and Beyond conference that takes place in Sydney and did not miss the opportunity to denounce first of all the politics and choices of the main manufacturers of mobile phones and smartphones. According to Woz, most companies put technology first and only second the needs and desires of people.

In this context, Woz expressed his disappointment regarding the iPhone, launched on the market over a year ago but lacking the latest generation connectivity: the Apple mobile phone in fact not UMTS and not even HSDPA, but only GPRS and EDGE.

On several Internet sites dedicated to technology, see for, we find Woz's statements: ?With my 3G phones I have the same battery life as the non-3G models. I don't think it's just a battery problem. " This sentence refers directly to the declarations of Steve Jobs who on several occasions had declared the impossibility of making an iPhone 3G precisely because of the high energy consumption. The other far from secondary aspect criticized by Woz concerns vocal performances: the Apple co-founder claims to use another terminal for calls.

Wozniak owns several cell phones and buys practically all the news presented on the market. At the launch of the iPhone, he bought 20 units to give them to friends and relatives. The refund policy launched by Apple was valid only for those who activated the phone, so the generous Woz was not able to benefit from the discount "losing" about 4000 dollars.

Despite criticism of the iPhone, Woz has always appreciated the software package and web browsing experience offered by the Apple phone. In this regard, even the super critic Woz has repeatedly admitted the superiority of the iPhone compared to any other smartphone in circulation.

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