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Samsung's first 4K TV of 2020 is Q60T with "Dual LED"

febrero 3, 2020

Earlier this month at CES 2020, Samsung unveiled its new 8K TV and various other designer televisions. Now, a few days after the end of the events, the giant has unveiled its first range of 4K LCD TVs for 2020, including the Q60T model.

The Samsung 2020 TV range will be known as the "T" range and the company plans to launch new 4K models, called Q95T, Q90T, Q80T, Q70T and Q60T. While on the one hand these models may seem like direct successors of last year's Q90R, Q80R, Q70R and Q60R, it is important to note that the Q9xT model will be more comparable to the 2019 Q80R. Samsung will move each model in the 2020 range one step further, reserving the most advanced LED brightness adjustment system for the new 8K televisions (Q800T and Q950T).

And the Q60T with Dual LED the first Samsung 4K TV of 2020

The first 4K TV range for 2020 officially unveiled will be the Q60T, which will replace last year's RU8 series as a mid-range 4K TV. also one of the first Samsung televisions with "Dual LED" and "a dedicated hot and cold LED backlighting system, capable of improving contrast details and colors. Obviously, this new system should not be confused with the local dimming technology reserved for the more expensive models.

The revelation of the new TV gives us some tips on what to expect from Samsung in 2020. The design in line with last year's models and the company's Tizen platform now, which now has the native support of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, in addition to Bixby.

And the Q60T with Dual LED the first Samsung 4K TV of 2020

The latest version of Tizen also includes an expanded Picture-in-Picture mode. The bad news, however, around the corner: Samsung has no intention of providing updates to previous TVs with the latest version of Tizen. Samsung also continues to ignore technologies like Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, and you won't get HDR images from the Q60's LCD panel.

The Q60T will be available up to 85 inches and be part of Samsung's "QLED" line-up to report that it uses a quantum dot film behind the LCD panel to increase the color gamut. However, in practice only HDR content uses the extended color gamut, so there is no advantage over other mid-range LCD televisions without quantum dot technology.

At CES, Samsung confirmed HDMI 2.1 support only for its 8K televisions, while the new audio features announced by the company at CES 2020 will not be supported in the Q60T. We talk about the technologies "Q Symphony", which allows you to use the TV speakers in combination with a connected soundbar, which will be available in the Q80T and in later versions, while "Object Tracking Sound" (OTS), which allows you to "move" the audio between different speakers, will only be supported in 8K models (Q800T and Q950T).

The details on the availability and prices of the new Samsung 2020 LCD TV series are not yet known, while the expected release, although not official, between March and May.

Obviously, the new Samsung TV range has everything you need to support the new HEVC and DVB-T2 technologies coming in 2022.

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