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Pentium 4, for now, is a flop

febrero 3, 2020

Pentium 4, for now a flop – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

The crisis in the IT world will slow down the sales of Pentium 4 preventing the achievement of the goals that Intel had set for the current year. The opinion of some analysts who are tracking the market trend of the new processor which according to a report by the Intel itself was expected to reach 4 million units sold by the end of 2001. "The adoption of Pentium 4 – the IDC analyst told C / Net – is slow". An impression also confirmed by the analyzes carried out by Mercury Research according to which from the date of marketing until December Intel may not be able to sell more than 14 million pieces, 30% less than originally expected. Other analysts even think that the statistics may be even worse and the Pentium 4 that reached the final consumers would not be more than 10 million between now and the end of the year. The difficulties of Pentium 4 would have their roots essentially in the economic field. The processor costs too much compared to the Pentium 3, a step that reverberates on the prices of the machines. American customers do not seem very likely to buy computers that exceed $ 1200 at this time, a price range that the adoption of Pentium 4 is not able to enforce even for the current versions of Pentium 4 also require the use of Rambus memories, much more expensive than common DRAMs. Finally another not insignificant factor that potential computer buyers do not believe they have any need to replace their old machines with CPUs that reach 1.7 GHz. Now the hope of Intel, which has not yet corrected its Pentium sales forecasts. 4, that the arrival of chips compatible with the common Ram and the slight recovery that someone expects from here to the end of the year may help to correct the route but the analysts' belief that it will be very difficult for the processor to respect the numbers that Intel intended at launch

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