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Other hints about rented movies on iTunes

febrero 3, 2020

New rental movie clues in iTunes. To signal some strings of characters that, at least apparently, seem to point to this service, Mac Rumors who got the signal from a reader.

The terms are quite explicit and indicative

rental-contentrental-bagrbsyncsource-rental-infodest-rental-infogetvodaccountselectionlistGET VOD ACCOUNT SELECTION LISTsupportsRentals

As Mac Rumors rightly points out, the presence of these strings does not mean, by itself, that the service around the corner, nor that Apple is certainly in the process of introducing it. In the past it has happened several times that traces of services or products not yet released have emerged in Apple programs (for example, iPhone games); in some cases they never saw the light of day for these services or products.

As regards, however, the films for rent, the tracks are for many. In September, traces of 'rental' content had been identified in the 'report a problem' section of iTunes; the Financial Times, in turn, had already reported contacts between Apple and the movie houses for a rental option.

As is known, iTunes is struggling to find grip on the insistence of producers to have an option that does not only provide for 'buy and yours forever', a way that the flag of the music section of the online store.

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