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Notes on Tim in the firmware code 1.1.2

After Italian as a privileged language, together with German and French, a new signal, perhaps even more concrete, that Apple is working on the version for our country of iPhone.

The information comes from the character strings included in firmware 1.1.2 from which Tim's name clearly emerges. The Italian operator on the list together with T-Mobile, Orange and O2 and the only international carrier "cited" by the software in addition to that of the active operators.

Here is what we read in the firmware

20801 23402 26206 310380 ATT_US.plist O2_UK.plist TextToBinaryMap.plist20802 23410 310150 310410 CommCenter Orange_France.plist UnknownCarrier.plist20808 23411 310170 310980 ISO2MCC.plist TIM_Italy.plist22201 26201 310 180 311180 MCC2ISO.plist TMobile_Germany.plist

In the past, the discovery of character strings that cite international operators has been used by sites dedicated to rumors to identify operators who would have entered into an agreement with Apple, although not always successfully. In this case, for Tim he appears in a position that, at least apparently, seems unequivocal, alongside the operators who have operating agreements with Apple.

For some time (and Macity had given quite precise information on the matter) we talk about Tim as operator of Cupertino partner even if somewhere it was later claimed that the agreement had gone upstream due to the impossibility of finding a solution to some differences of economic nature. This hypothesis in reality (unlike the rumors that reported ongoing contacts if not almost defined) at least by our editorial staff has never been considered the result of a very reliable source.

Hence to say that iPhone will arrive in Italy shortly, good to say, it runs. Yes, perhaps only in the face of a series of approach maneuvers which constitute a rather full-bodied apparatus on Apple's intention to approach the second world market (after the Luxembourg) with iPhone for per capita telephone lines.