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Microsoft Surface Hub 2X may never come

febrero 3, 2020

Microsoft Surface Hub 2X may never come – Macitynet.itMicrosoft Surface Hub 2X may never come

In May 2018, Microsoft announced Surface Hub 2 with the peculiarity of integrating a screen that can switch from a conventional horizontal setting to a vertical orientation optimized for content focused on the smartphone. It was to be the success of Surface Hub, the maxi display device designed to facilitate collaboration and business productivity, and the goal of the Redmond house was to push software and hardware in new directions.

Let's talk about the past because to date the device has not been seen but had interesting features: the possibility of rotating the screen by 90 degrees, connecting multiple high-resolution displays together, the presence of USB-C, a high-end processor and others elements of sure interest in the area of ​​shared spaces and teamwork.

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The site of Petri got a statement from Microsoft. The company confirms that the machine is not ready for marketing; the manufacturer reports that he is continuing to "dialogue with his customers" and working to align his roadmap to better meet the demands of the companies concerned. Between the lines, it seems to understand, that Microsoft has not found a number of customers to justify the marketing of this type of product. Not to be excluded that the hypothesis that the project can also be canceled. Among the reasons for the delays, the development of the WCOS operating system, Windows Core, the software infrastructure on which the Windows 10 version of this type of devices rests.

In any case, the 85 ″ version of Surface Hub 2S, all-in-one digital whiteboard is a meeting platform that Microsoft offers for collaboration and teamwork in the workplace.

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