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IPhone development kit already in delivery?

febrero 3, 2020

Some software houses are already receiving the development kit that Apple has prepared to support the creation of iPhone programs. To support this thesis the American site Electronista.

Citing the American online newspaper 'reliable sources', he says that the tool for producing the programs would still be in a not yet refined form, but functional and efficient enough to allow the engineers who are using it to anticipate the times and be on the market with well in advance of the rest of the community that will receive the SDK (Software Developement Kit) only from February, as announced by Jobs.

Electronista does not go into in-depth details on the SDK; it only learns that the expedition would take place for the benefit of some chosen developers just a couple of weeks ago. The sources of the American site claim that the creation of iPhone applications will not follow the same procedures that are followed to develop for Mac Os X and 'has limits'.

Apple with this move could, in any case, want to support the launch of the kit, perhaps presenting independent but prestigious software house products.

Meanwhile, again with regard to iPhone applications, it was learned that they will take advantage of the 'digital signature' technology that has also adopted Nokia for security reasons. In practice, a security system will verify the identity of the applications that access the operating system; in the absence of the digital 'keys' stored in the applications, its operation will be blocked. This should not only block the operation of pirated programs, but also allow you to accurately identify the person responsible for any malfunction.

To confirm the use of the digital signature on iPhone applications, news that Jobs had already given when announcing the SDK for iPhone, Greg Joswiak, head of marketing for Apple products, in a long interview released in Fortune.

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