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iPhone 2.0 software already cracked

febrero 3, 2020

iPhone software 2.0 already cracked – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

The release of version 2.0 of the iPhone software is still three months away, but someone has already bothered to puncture it to see installing third-party applications. Images of a 'jailbroken' version, or on which it is possible to install independent applications, have appeared on the iPhone Dev Team website, the group of developers who are responsible for modifying the firmware to make it compatible with both third-party software and cards Sims not officially authorized by Apple.

The appearance of a cracked version of iPhone software is a bit surprising, for the reason that there are currently few realities authorized to get their hands on the firmware that is still in beta. If, in fact, the development kit has been granted to all those who have signed a usage agreement, the same cannot be said for the beta version of the iPhone software, which has a reduced number of developers chosen by Apple itself. A second aspect to note is that iPhone 2.0 aims, essentially, to open iPhone to third-party applications, or to make the installation of applications that increase the functionality of the phone simple and available to anyone, practically what the jailbroken process does. Evidently, although the hack will be less necessary, the developers of this solution believe that there will still be a request, from those developers who turn to customers who ask for products whose characteristics are not provided for by the license agreement by part of Apple or who do not want to pay the percentage of the cost of the application (30%, we remember it) for distribution via the App Store.

The arrival of a modified version of iPhone 2.0 and its availability in the hands of the iPhone Dev Team group, leaves open the hope that a 'Sim unlock' version of the software can also arrive soon, that is without the constraint to the managers formally provided from Apple.

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