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If I do the Jailbreak, do I lose the warranty of the iPhone, the iPod or the iPad?


IPhone jailbreak and Apple warranty: let's clarify

Here is a nice article dedicated to all owners of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Many times, on YourLifeUpdated, we have talked about the Jailbreak, what it is and how to do it on iPhone, iPad and iPod.

We have always said, before any guide to Jailbreak, that this procedure causes the loss of the guarantee regarding the device on which it runs.

Today, however, we go to better clarify the situation regarding the guarantee of the iPhone, iPad and iPod in case of Jailbreak.

The question that many users ask themselves, before jailbreak,: if I do the Jailbreak I lose the warranty of the iPhone, the iPod or the iPad?

Let us try to answer this question.

Small premise: as we have said several times, by jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, the warranty (Apple Care) of the product is invalidated. This means that if you have a problem of any kind with your terminal, Apple will not provide free support, but will continue to do so for a fee, even if your product is still covered by a legal warranty.

In practice, even if iPhone, iPad or iPod still under warranty, Apple will only repair it for a feeor if you have done the Jailbreak. If you jailbreak your device you are no longer entitled to warranty assistance. This policy may be considered correct or not, but this is not the place to discuss it. Today we focus only on the warranty and its possible recovery. Let's go on then.

The guarantee of the iPhone, iPad or iPod with Jailbreak expires the moment the jailbreak is performed.

But can I restore the iPhone, iPod or iPad warranty with Jailbreak?

If you did the Jailbreak, however, you will be happy to know that you can always (or almost) restore the warranty of your product. Apple will not notice anything and will still repair your iPhone, iPad or iPod even if the Jailbreak was previously performed. The important thing that, before bringing the device to service, it must be completely restored and that therefore all traces of Jailbreak are eliminated.

Even if you have jailbreaked, and you have theoretically lost the Apple warranty, you can indeedempre restore it with a simple update or restore the system software of your iPhone, iPad and iPod. With a complete reset of your device, in fact, Apple will pass it into assistance without problems (tried in person several times).

So how can you restoreApple warranty after jailbreak?

For restore the validity of the Apple warranty after carrying out the jailbreak, just perform a new installation of the operating system via iTunes.

We recommend that you prefer the restore option to the update option, perhaps in DFU mode: in case you want to remove all traces of the jailbreak on your device, this is the ideal solution.

CAUTION: this procedure is only valid if your device can be connected to iTunes and is correctly recognized by this program. Otherwise it is NOT possible to restore the warranty of the iPhone, iPad or iPod as the only way to do a complete recovery is this. If you have the jailbreak, in fact, you CANNOT do a restore directly from the smartphone, otherwise it will stop during the recovery process, Apple will notice the Jailbreak and will NOT pass it under warranty.

If I do the Jailbreak, do I lose the warranty of the iPhone, the iPod or the iPad? -Conclusions

The problem of the Apple warranty for users who jailbreak in reality, as we have seen, does not arise. On a concrete level, the only impediment is that of not being able to receive assistance on a jailbroken device if this cannot be correctly restored before reaching assistance. However, if this same device is completely restored before requesting assistance from Apple, the warranty becomes valid again.

As I said, I have tried everything personally at least a couple of times and I have never had any problems.

Hopefully we have made some clarity regarding the guarantee of the iPhone, iPad and iPod with Jailbreak.

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