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iBoostUp: Turbo-charge your Mac! Speed ​​up, repair, monitor network attacks!


Is your Mac no longer the splinter from when you bought it? Is your hard disk full to the brim? Do you have too many services starting at login?

Has your Mac slowed down? It crashes frequently and can't figure out what the cause is? Do you often see error messages? Then the time has come to fix it.

Mac OSX the most reliable system on the market, Apple engineers do everything to make it particularly efficient and make sure that it does its duty in the best way. Unfortunately, some developers do things by developing their software that they shouldn't, and these greatly reduce response and readiness!

An example, each mobile internet stick you install on your Mac automatically sets up a process (called Demon) which has the task of monitoring when the stick is connected to start the associated software. The process is very light, but what happens when you install too many of them ???

iBoostUp was created to solve all those problems that affiaccano Mac OSX! The application takes care of almost everything, analyzes which of the folders it occupies too much space, gives you the list of files so you can delete those that are no longer needed, view the active processesi, lets you to free the memory RAM, recovery of files deleted by mistake.

One of the peculiarities there protection from attacks by attackers on the network. If you connect to an open network, the application constantly monitors the activity in order to notify you if an anomaly is found!

The application available on the Mac App Store for free here is the download link

(you will be redirected to itunes in order to launch the Mac App Store application)

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