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From Giunti, conversation manuals for iPod

febrero 3, 2020

Giunti publisher has released new "iPod Conversation Manuals". The software, suitable for any type of iPod with a screen, offers a vocabulary with thousands of voices, 2000 phrases sorted by situations and conversation. The menu, in Italian, allows you to find the desired phrases and to make the corresponding one appear on the video in the chosen foreign language, well-marked and understandable. You can choose to listen to it and learn to pronounce it correctly or, if you are in difficulty, offer your iPod to the other party.

The "Conversation Manuals" are on sale for € 19.90 each, available in boxes with CD, they can be installed from PC or Mac via iTunes. The software works with all new generation iPods with displays such as iPod mini, iPod photo, video and nano.

[By Mauro Notarianni]

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