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Doodroo film review: turn iPad and Pencil into paper and pencil

febrero 3, 2020

That iPad was born to be an excellent substitute for a notebook and a drawing board is a fact and the hundreds of apps that have appeared on the Apple tablet even before the arrival of specialized third-party pens or that Apple he decided to release his excellent tool for drawing: Apple Pencil which is available as known in two versions but with a similar feeling when he goes to lay his tip on an iPad or iPad Pro.

If the difference between one model and another of Apple Pencil on the shape and on the lower latency between our sign and the tracing on the screen, that does not change the actual friction between the tip and the surface of the tablet's reinforced glass screen: the Pencil literally slips fast allowing you to easily write notes and drawings or sketches.

But what happens to those accustomed to the resistance of the paper that go from the natural impact between graphite and the texture of the sheet to a completely different response between the tool and the tracking surface? They simply remain displaced, especially when comparing the whole with the tablets equipped with Wacom screens that have always had a slightly matt and opaque surface that obviates the problem.

All this premise to bring you to the review of Doodroo films, the result of the research of a very young Italian company that has behind it the multi-year experience of an expert of accessories for iPad and iPhone and above all of protection films and application systems of the same to the screens of our precious objects.

Doodroo film review: turn iPad and Pencil into paper and pencil

We received the films for a test in the pre-Christmas period but for various reasons we were able to install them immediately before the CES, about a month ago, on the iPad Pro that we commonly use for our daily work on the construction site or in the office: notes, drawings , projects, schemes for renovations in the construction field, and, when we work for Macitynet, details from conferences, diagrams and flows for SEO, drafts on the evolution of web pages and so on. Due to the natural approach of the pen, the iPad has long since replaced any previous drawing system with the advantage that it is possible to work directly on technical drawings imported from PDF, photos taken on the fly, screenshots of sites, graphics etc.

Doodroo. The packaging

For our test we received the standard double film packaging and with an interesting silicone case that slightly increases the diameter of the pencil but optimizes its grip, makes it more difficult to lose the cap in the original model and, last but not least, it slows down the rolling which sometimes becomes the reason why the Pencil ends up on the ground with sometimes disastrous effects for the tip.

As you can see from our first gallery it is a fairly rich package that in addition to the films and the case also carries all the equipment for installation but especially for the preparation of the iPad to the juxtaposition of the protection layer, removing grease stains due to daily use and, especially small dust particles that could compromise the application of the adhesive. Each film obviously has an adhesive layer which will stick to the screen after removing the internal protection and a layer of outdoor protection.

To summarize in the package we find:2x HD doodroo Film,2x application stickers set,2x screen cleaner set, 2x dust absorber, 2x applicator

Doodroo. The installation

The installation of the films is very simple and clearly shows the experience of those who designed the system: in our case, the operation is also facilitated by the sharp edges of the iPad Pro and by the aluminum wire surrounding the tablet screen.

Doodroo film review: turn iPad and Pencil into paper and pencilAll the procedure illustrated in an explanatory video quoted directly in the instructions in Italian that accompany the films: for our part we recommend that you carefully follow all the steps and pay close attention to the removal of dust and, of course, to work in an environment without fans external or internal air flows that could frustrate your preparatory cleaning.

As you can see from the sequence above, after cleaning, the film is applied using the 3 adhesives that position it perfectly inside the edges of the iPad and then the internal film is removed: in this way we can take advantage of the gluing system that could leave behind some macro bubbles: we will help with the stiffer cardboard to "migrate" any bubbles towards the edges of the iPad. Normally the tension of the film can expel them by itself but a little help will speed up the operation.

In the last two images above you see the film applied to the iPad on and the iPad off: it is easy to notice the matt finish which naturally increases the anti-reflective characteristics but which above all increases the friction between the Pencil and the screen reproducing the physical sensation of the sheet of paper.

Doodroo at work

Of course, given the gift of the silicone cover for Apple Pencil we wanted to install it on our pen and we must say that the increase in grip and the "matte" finish make the object more manageable and nice even if less rigorous from the point of view of look. Among other things, it has no problem, despite the increased diameter, to slip into the pocket on the back of our case, nor to remain "clinging" magnetically to the iPad Pro for recharging operations.

But let's see to the actual drawing, that the reason why these films were created: the actual fascinating and absolutely realistic feeling: the sliding of the pencil on the screen now has a natural friction and also the slight noise created by the tip that meets the display accompanies our movements as if we were leaving graphite on a rough sheet.

The film in use for a month now and we have not noticed any deterioration in performance or signs / scratches due to use: the two tools have been designed to work together. In addition we have added a protection to the iPad screen that should work even in the event of a fall and especially in case of contact with sharp products that could scratch the screen: the iPad goes in the bag together with extendable meters, rangefinders, pen keys and not the cover always prevents contact with foreign elements.

It is obvious that the matted surface somehow causes the display to lose its "patinated" appearance and could dampen some nice product displays but just increase the brightness slightly to obtain an excellent result with the advantage of eliminating reflections both in design phase and product presentation.


We greatly appreciated the quality and ease of installation of the films and we decided to leave it on the iPad screen also to check when there will be a need to use the second film in the package! The product respects the promises and is absolutely recommended to those who use the iPad not only as a reference tool, but as a system for notes, drawings, sketches, artistic drawing or technical tool


Look and Feel "pencil and paper" respected, easy installation on iPad Pro. The skin for Apple Pencil is a very welcome and useful benefit. Absence of dominants. Excellent anti-glare effect


It is necessary to take into account the slight decrease in brightness for direct presentations on iPad.

Retail price

The Doodro film on sale for 35 Euros directly on the manufacturer's website, and, at least until Monday 3 Februaryultra-thin ultra-thin silicone skin for Apple Pencil 1 and 2Pencil included in the price and if you use this code: MCTYDD012free shipping when ordering.

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