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CuordiMela: White Box inauguration

febrero 3, 2020

Despite the young et Livio Brachetti has been working in the Apple world for about 13 years, first under the name Pianeta Apple and since 1999 under the CuordiMela banner, the same that stands out in the "Black Box" shop, the historic one in via Poggibonsi in Milan and which from today it also appears on the signs of a new reality, White Box. The "other side" of the Cuordimela world, located a few meters away, just around the corner of the same street, has a different address, but always closely connected to the world and philosophy of the Mac: the world of photography and digital video in all its aspects, from project management and complex solutions requested by customers.

In the new location, the color white dominates: walls, desks and many other details are entirely colored in white. Again, as expected from an activity dedicated to the Mac world, the design has been studied in detail: sober and at the same time elegant just like a Mac.

In our guided tour of the CuordiMela world we were accompanied by Max Nasi who deals with marketing and the commercial section and by the founder Livio, also with the help of his brother Mauro, manages the business with passion and energy. It is Livio himself who presents the entire CuordiMela work group at Macitynet, which has 11 people. Maurizio Donadio, Luca Stevenazzi, Matteo Saligeri and Rogelio Moises are in charge of the historical Black Box of the business. In addition to the sale and advice for the purchase of a new Mac, the Black Box staff boasts a long experience in repairing Mac systems. CuordiMela has a busy laboratory where all hardware interventions that do not require direct manufacturer intervention they are solved directly on the spot.

Inside the new White Box instead work Nicola Derosa, Francesco Bertola and recently also Lourdes Escamilla. They are the ones who take care of the assistance for all projects concerning digital photography: from the choice of tools, through the purchase or rental with the iRent formula up to the photo editing and the final print. It is no coincidence that for the inauguration of the White Box a photographic exhibition was organized with the works exhibited by several professional photographers who have been working with CuordiMela for some time. The CuordiMela team is completed by Andrea Soffientino who deals with graphics and communication, Daniele Giometti for systems, networks, VoIP switchboards and home automation, finally Paolo Rossato expert in digital audio and Andrea Bomba for everything related to professional video.

In about 13 years of activity linked to the world Mac Livio and colleagues have an infinite series of stories and experiences to tell: here it is impossible to bring them all. We will just mention the main ones, including the various firsts that CuordiMela's staff are rightly proud of.

Among the proposed solutions that are most successful, we must mention the formula iRent which allows companies and even private individuals with VAT numbers to rent complete Mac solutions for work. Computers, software but also Apple Care and all the tools necessary for activities and leisure are offered in a single solution against a deductible monthly installment. In addition to the advantage of quantifying the entire system used in a single installment, the solution offers maximum freedom because at the end of the 3 years the customer can freely choose to redeem the goods or to renew computers and programs for a new iRent.

“We were among the first to offer it in Italy – Max tells us – we started in 2006 and today we are in Italy the Apple retailer that makes the most. The same goes for Apple Care: we believe in the Apple warranty extension so that whatever happens to the customer's computer, perhaps a failure beyond the standard warranty year, we do not risk damaging the relationship of trust between CuordiMela and the customer ".

The Mac world is growing and people's interest in Apple computers is also growing. The people of CuordiMela have experienced this change in everyday work, always ready to offer tailor-made solutions to meet every specific need. "Now even people who do not understand computers or who have never followed the Mac world, are fascinated by the new iMacs" says Max Nasi in a single voice with Livio. “In cases where it is not possible to do without it, we install Windowx XP, for example to work with expensive ad hoc programs available only for PC. In all other cases we listen to customers' needs and explain to them that a large part of their work and leisure activities can be better managed with a Mac ".

CuordiMela's solutions range from relatively "simple" projects such as that of managing with a iMac a cash point of a store controlled via serial port, with Boot Camp and Windows XP, passing through more sophisticated projects such as photography, digital audio and video, for individual professionals but also for network installations with servers and workstations all Mac, up to the creation of analog and digital VoIP solutions for large companies, finally with complete home automation and automation systems thanks to which it is possible to control any subsystem directly from the Mac and also from the iPhone. The range is decidedly wide: ultimately, whatever the need or function required by the customer, CuordiMela can offer a tailor-made solution based on Mac hardware and Mac OS X software. This is possible thanks to the great experience of all the staff in their respective areas of expertise.

It does not happen every day to get to know a business that works thanks to the contribution of young, experienced and close-knit staff from a friendship born outside of work and which over time has turned into a collaboration based on trust. to focus on the job, without intrigue and loss of time generated by internal battles, with the aim of satisfying customers. And CuordiMela knows many satisfied customers: collaborators, friends and customers, fans of all time and also new Mac recruits, all present yesterday evening for the inauguration of the White Box.

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