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Behringer: 14 synth modules compatible with the Eurorack standard

Behringer expands its catalog of synthesis devices with two modular systems whose name should not be new to the pi. We are talking about the System 100 launched by Roland in the mid-70s and Moog's System 55 launched for the first time at about the same time.

A total of 14 modules are compatible with the Eurorack standard, 11 of which are System 100. Specifically there are: 110, a single module which includes VCO, VCA and VCF; 112, a double oscillator with taxre waveforms, PWM and two sync modes

121, a double filter with three-channel mixer for each filter; 130, a double VCA with three-channel mixer; 140, two envelopes, each with three outputs for ADSR and integrated LFO; 150, a ring modulator with two noise generators, LFO with sync and sample & hold generator.

Then again: 172, a six-step phase shifter, analog delay, LFO and gate delay; 173, a gate module with four stages that can make an audio switch and six quad multipled buffers; 182, an analog sequencer with two 8 or one 16 steps, time, portamento and gate time controls; 297, a two-channel portamento controller with mixer with two CV for each; 305, an output module with four-band parametric eq, four-channel mixer, tuning oscillator, line out and headphone output.

As for the remaining three of the System 55 instead we find the 55, 35 and 15 series which comprise more than 20 modules based on the original circuits of the time.

In both cases it is a modern reinterpretation of the two semi-modular systems of the seventies, whose sound generated by analog circuits was particularly appreciated in the following decade by several artists, including Depeche Mode, Tears For Fears, Human League, Tangerin Dream, Aphex Twin and Vangelis.

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Each new module should cost around 90 euros, even if the official date and price of marketing have not yet been given. You can continue to follow all the news of NAMM 2020 by browsing the articles contained in this area of ??our website.