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Android reveals an Apple-shaped heart

febrero 3, 2020

After the official release of the Android SDK, new details emerge on the mobile operating system promoted by Google and OHA, especially thanks to a video distributed via YouTube (which you can see at the bottom of this article) .Details that show a clear influence of Apple.

The video demonstrates some demo applications that are already working on Android, both on a traditional device and on a touch screen device.Steve Horowitz shows how to make calls, the use of Google Maps, navigation, the reception of notifications and other interesting details .

We therefore learn that the Android browser developed on the basis of the WebKit rendering engine, the same used by Safari, the Apple browser. The browsing experience on Android, therefore, will not be very different from that already experienced on iPhone.

Likewise, the operation of the touch screen (provided by Synaptics), with the possibility of 'dragging' the images and the screen onto the video, closely resembles the interface of Cupertino's phone. It is not known, however, whether the technology will support multi-touch.

Other points of contact can be found in the 'dock' visible in the presentation, not very far from Apple's docks, in the cover-like visualization shown in the browsing history, and in the translucent notification windows, very similar to those available on the iPhone.

Android also supports OpenGL, for applications in 3D and 2D graphics, as always shown in the demo through a short demonstration of Quake. Other technical details concern support for 3G connectivity and compatibility in the reproduction of AAC / MP3 and H.264 multimedia formats / MPEG-4.

All washed down with the now well-known promotional push towards the integration between the various applications, to build a cohesive system between the parties, capable of communicating with each other without solution of continuity.

All these details lend themselves to some immediate reflections. For now, what Android has shown cannot be called particularly innovative, especially if we compare the features seen with those of the iPhone.

On the other hand, it is admirable what Google is doing to promote the opening of its OS to third parties; this could be the winning aspect of Android, that is, its strong orientation towards the outside.

As we have mentioned several times, Apple will also release an SDK for the iPhone next February, but it is still unknown how much the SDK for the Cupertino mobile phone will be 'open'.

While waiting for the SDK for iPhone, here is the video that shows the potential of Android.

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