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YouTube, improve audio and video quality

YouTube visitors would have noticed in the last few days an update of the quality of the videos proposed by the Google portal: among the improvements there is an increase in the resolution, which goes from 320 × 240 to 480 × 360, and better coding of the audio, now available in stereo AAC format rather than the less performing mono.

The new quality seems to be available for the new videos, which can already be uploaded online according to the new specifications even if optionally through an additional tag. As for the old videos, however, the upgrade would be selective, although it does not follow a fixed logic based on popularity or other time parameters.

Google YouTube have not commented on the circumstances, although the reasons for this update may be conceivable; in fact, these could be reasons linked to the simple evolution of the market, increasingly oriented towards offering greater definition, both audio and video.

On the other hand YouTube could perceive the need for such improvements to adapt its videos more comfortably to the H.264 format, compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and Apple TV even without a browser or a Flash plug-in. remember the famous video of the "bulldog skateboarder", used to promote YouTube on the same iPhone.