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Use Android applications on OSX thanks to BlueStacks

febrero 2, 2020


Use Android applications on Mac

We have already had the opportunity to talk about Bluestacks in the past: it is an Android App Player that allows us to use the applications of the Google operating system on Windows. An interesting project for sure, so as to push Asus to collaborate with the company to bring this Player on its products (link)

But very soon, Bluestacks will also be available for Mac: today, in fact, the news of the release of a first alpha version for computers made in Apple; Of course, since it is an alpha, it does not currently excel in terms of stability and it is possible to use only a small circle of applications, which will be gradually expanded with the updates released by the developers.

Once you have downloaded and installed the .pkg file (which you will find at the end of the article) weighing about 95 MB, you will have a new folder next to the basket, inside which you can find the 15 applications currently usable, namely:

  1. Air Control Lite
  2. Alchemy
  3. Basketball Shot
  4. Drag Racing
  5. Elastic World
  6. Facebook
  7. Glow Hockey
  8. Gunsn'Glory
  9. Paper Toss
  10. Pulse
  11. Robo Defense
  12. Seesmic
  13. Twitter
  14. Whatsapp
  15. Zebra Paint

A fairly small circle that, as previously written, will be expanded with new updates in a short time, from how you can read on the program's support page:

The BlueStacks App Player for Mac OSX (alpha) supports both Snow Leopard and Lion (…). In the near future, Bluestacks will allow you to choose over 400,000 apps to use on your Mac

So, at the moment, we do not recommend installing the App Player since, as also reported by many people around the world, plagued by several stability problems that do not allow you to use any application, but if curiosity assails you, here is the download link for Bluestacks.


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