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Iomega tries to launch the ZIP of the future. It is Peerless, a combined system, consisting of a removable disk and a drive to be connected to the computer that offers the same portability characteristics as the removable one that made the history of the Salt Lake City company, but a huge storage capacity. higher. If in fact the ZIP was limited to 100 MB (200 in the latest version) Peerless capable of storing either 10 or 20 GB of data. Peerless, as mentioned, consisting of two pieces: the support for the actual storage and the drive . The disk the size and weight of a handheld computer, therefore more than adequate to fit in a pocket. It can be ejected and removed and replaced with another just like with diskettes or ZIPs. According to Iomega, this is the ideal solution for those who need to transport large quantities of data from one machine to another, from home to the office or from the office to a print server, for those who make video editing. The FireWire compatible one will be marketed and powered directly via the IEEE 1394 cable. SCSI and USB 2 versions will be distributed later. The Mac version will contain useful software: IomegaWare, Aladdin ShrikWrap, QuikSync, MGI PhotoSuite and MusicMatch Jukebox. Data transfer speed is not extraordinary: 15 MbpsIOmega, which said it has developed Peerless in collaboration with IBM, in the future will release internal versions of the drive intended not only for the computer market but also for the set top boxes and all digital devices The cost of Peerless obviously higher than that of a ZIP. The drive has a recommended price of $ 250, the disks cost respectively 160 and $ 200 depending on whether it is the 10 or 20 GB cut.Iomega guarantees compatibility with MacOs 8.6, MacOs 9 and MacOs X

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