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Social media react to Flipkart's big Billion Day sale

The e-commerce giant in India, Flipkart was ready for one of the biggest days they witnessed on their small but intense journey. The Big Billion Day Sale has been promoted no less than a Bollywood film these days, but very similar to the fate of most Bollywood films that spend too much on advertising; Flipkart also crashed in the head and it really hurt. Ouch!

Flipkart claimed that the Big Billion Day Sale would offer the biggest discounts the country has ever seen on the brands it wants to buy, but something happened to the contrary. Most of the products were out of stock, excessively expensive than usual and when things had already gone wrong; their website kept crashing when payment details were made.

Here's how social media is reacting to the Big Billion Day Sale experience.

Maybe Amazon has recruited many people to buy everything from Flipkart today, which they can then sell on Amazon.

– Ramesh Srivats (@rameshsrivats), October 6, 2014

Xth board: 404 not found results JEE: 404 not found CAT reslts: 404 not found Sale Flipkart: 404 not found Life a search to find 404

– GabbbarSingh (@GabbbarSingh), October 6, 2014

The most Amazonian flipkart thing that before you could, someone else takes the deal.

– Keh Ke Peheno (@coolfunnytshirt), October 6, 2014

Flipkart Flipkart S Papa Cheaper Sale S Papa Lying No Papa Where are the offers? Hahaha

– Biku Rajput (@biku_rajput), October 6, 2014

The following reactions come from this reddit thread in that people are discussing theirs mixed experiences on the Big Sale per Day Billion by Flipkart: –

Flipkart has enjoyed the respect of people like no other e-commerce giant in the country has. But when on days like these Flipkart tries to rob the same people who built them; really very sad. So perhaps in a market that has just moved beyond the oligopoly; Snapdeal gave an adequate answer to Flipkart in today's newspaper, a strong message for anyone who could read between the lines.

Maybe that's why they say you never try to steal the hand that made you who you are today.

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To update:

Today, Flipkart realized that selling to Big Billion Day was not a very pleasant experience for customers and therefore they wrote this apology letter that comes directly from the founders Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. Here is the screenshot of the same: