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Le Figaro: Fnac wants to distribute the iPhone

febrero 2, 2020

Fnac wants the iPhone, says Le Figaro. The prestigious French newspaper reports the news that the French technological distribution chain is in talks with Apple to obtain consent for the sale of Steve Jobs's mobile phone.

Fnac very determined, especially given the statements (reported in the newspaper) of the chain manager, Denis Olivennes, according to which the exclusivity enjoyed by Orange (the French telephone carrier that distributes the iPhone in France) would be "inadmissible".

To demonstrate how seriously he is doing, Le Figaro claims that if Fnac fails to obtain the distribution of the iPhone, it will be ready to start a legal action.We remind that Fnac is already an official distributor of Apple products and some points sale of the chain (also located in Italy) already host Apple shops.

Despite the news in the French newspaper, no official comment has yet arrived from Fnac.

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