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iPhone, the fake Checkra1n jailbreak is a scam

febrero 2, 2020

Cybercriminals have set up an impeccable method to catch inexperienced users, here's how to avoid problems

Checkra1n(Photo: Talos)

Once again the iOs jailbreak it is used as bait to deceive unwary users. The latest case was reported by the Cisco Talos group who warned of the danger of a method that is gaining particular popularity right now.

Specifically, the example of the jailbreak technique called is shown Checkra1n which is based on the well-known Checkm8 security problem that we told you in detail a few days ago. Just putting the foundation on a real starting point, the attempt to computer scam goes to commit his crime.

To make everything as credible as possible, the cyber scammers have set up an official site that we do not link to but which trivially uses the name of the method, for a step-by-step procedure directly from the smartphone you want to unlock. In order not to risk anything, here is a video that shows the process set up ad hoc, with a certain skill.

It seems that something is actually happening on the iPhone, which would be opening up to use without the limitations of Apple, as with real jailbreaks. In fact, the fact that the Apple A13 processor is worth mentioning should already be mentioned, given that the Checkm8 exploit works only from the A5 to the A11. In fact, everything that is reproduced on the screen is simply aanimation.

Finished the bogus procedure, the installation of two applications defined as necessary to complete the unlock is required. It is useless to specify what is not. On the contrary, the two malicious software will go to generate visits and clicks to banners and sites not very respectable, to the detriment of the unfortunate and inexperienced user.

Again, instead of simply making the device unusable, it generates a smarter real gain for criminals.


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