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Instagram, from today more control over data shared with other applications

febrero 2, 2020

The Stories social network tries to offer the user greater control over the information transferred to third parties thanks to a dedicated section of the app


The question of data and information that the social media they collect on their users very delicate. Often we forget that, in addition to those in possession of the platform, the question also concerns the data transferred by social networks to third parts, for example when, without giving too much weight after installing a new app, we click on sign in with Facebook or similar.

Instagram, one of the most popular social media in Italy despite a decline in engagement a few months ago, instead tries to do something precisely in this direction to offer its users a more control over shared information.

After connecting your account to an external app, through options such as "Import photos from Instagram" or "share on Instagram" you are granted access to some of your profile information, among the most common we can mention the username and photos.

The new features will be accessible through the "Settings" menu, then clicking on "Security" and on "Apps and websites". Here, based on the single desired service, it will be possible to manage and possibly remove access by third parties. Instagram also introduced one permissions screen updated which lists all the information to which third parties request access, here too it is possible to "cancel" or "authorize" access.

The new updates will be available gradually in the next six months. Are you wondering: do they represent a time for the social of images? Maybe not striking, but for the user to have the possibility on the smartphone with a couple of clicks and in a few minutes to manage which external apps can access their data certainly an excellent control tool and offers a greater awareness of the use of the media.


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